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    imtheheadhunter has done it again! Get ready for a huge map pack to compliment AIX 2.0 featuring some of your favourites and a couple of new ones, all taking advantage of the AIX 2.0 features and content! There are 30 maps included in this pack and they of course all feature 100% single player and coop support.
    A big thanks to imtheheadhunter for not only being an integral test team member but a tireless map maker who's many many hours of hard work are here on display for you to have fun with!

    What are you waiting for? The links and more pictures are over on the map packs page!

    To thank imtheheadhunter head over to the Forums!

    AIX NEWS UPDATE : November 15th 2008

    It's the day we've been eagerly awaiting for what seems like an eternity! Welcome to the AIX 2.0 release day! I'm sure you can't miss the big download buttons above so what are you waiting for?! 2.0 comes in 2 download choices, a patch for those of you who still have the AIX 1.0 Installer handy, and a full installer which is double the size.

    The full installer comes as 2 files. One is the core mod package and the other is the core maps package. This makes file management and downloading easier for the majority of people rather than downloading one gargantuan file. You can install these two exe's in any order, but both are required if you choose this download route!

    The patch version is half the size and requires a freshly installed, unmodified, completely untouched install of AIX 1.0 first! Please read the accompanying notes on the client download page for important information. The server files have been out for 24 hours and at last count there are 50 already online and ready to play!

    This release was made possible because of many people behind the scenes and I'd like to thank first and foremost our amazingly dedicated test team who are an enthusiastic and groovy bunch of people who are a joy to hang out with. Their hard work is the reason you have such a solid release to play with! My fellow devs are an awesome bunch of people to work with, so kudos to them on some serious dedication and a seemingly never ending well of crazy talent and determination! We also humbly thank all the mirrors and hosting sites who have graciously donated their server space and bandwidth to get AIX out to you all!

    We sincerely hope you enjoy AIX 2.0 as much as we had fun creating it for you. See you on the battlefield!


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